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Coronation of His MajestyKing Charles III

To mark the coronation of HRH King Charles III, the school organized various off-timetable activities, a non-uniform day and special lunch menu was held to mark the special event. The students eagerly participated in the day's festivities and enjoyed themselves thoroughly.

 The day started with some activities about the historical significance of the occasion, they were then given the opportunity to participate in various activities related to the coronation. These activities included arts and crafts, literacy and numeracy tasks.

 As part of the day, Waverley Studio College was visited by a Deputy Lieutenant from the West Midlands Lieutenancy. The Deputy Lieutenant represents the King in their local area and students were delighted to engage with the Deputy Lieutenant and ask questions about his role and the role of the monarchy, more broadly.

 Throughout the day, students were engaged in meaningful learning experiences that helped them understand the importance of the coronation and the role of the monarchy in the UK. The day was not only fun and enjoyable, but also educational and informative.