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Applied (Biomedical) Science

At Waverley Studio College we deliver the Level 3 Extended Diploma in Applied Science (Medical Science). This is equivalent to 3 A Levels and is a 2 year course. During this course pupils will have 4 external exam units which are Unit 1 and Unit 3 in the first year and Unit 5 and Unit 7 in the second year. They also complete 9 internal units in the form of coursework. This is split into 4 units in the first year of coursework and 5 in the second year of study. In year 12 they complete Units 4,6,10 and 12. In year 13 the internal coursework units are Unit 2, 21, 23, 8 and 11.

The Level 3 Extended Diploma provides invaluable skills to students and helps them develop scientific thinking, problem solving, practical investigations skills including planning investigations and using appropriate safety procedures in the laboratory. It enables pupils to develop as they also do work experience based where they also gain industry and work skills that helps them develop as a scientist and enables them to gain vital work skills also. This provided pupils with the skills and knowledge to progress to higher education courses in the science sector before entering employment.

This is demonstrated well in Unit 2 which is a skill and analysis-based unit in which pupils gain imperative skills such as making a standard solution, undertaking titrations to determine the concentrations of unknown solutions, calibrating a pH meter, and using readings to determine equivalence points and calorimetry. These are transferrable skills needed throughout their careers in science and provides them with necessary skills to be able to analyse experimental procedures and to collect reliable and valid data. This also ties into to transferrable evaluative procedures and skills needed for all BTEC units whether that is in practical experiments or their personal evaluation of their skills they have learned and practised throughout the 2 years.