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At GCSE, the Department is strongly committed to offering an innovative approach to making art through projects that involve both traditional and experimental exploration of materials and concepts. The challenge set by the Art GCSE course requires the students to develop key skills such as creativity, imagination, problem-solving, cultural awareness, communication and knowledge - all skills that are useful in both employment and continued study at A Level. Art is an excellent option that provides balance with core subjects.

Within GCSE Art and Design (coursework 60% of the final grade, exam 40% of the final grade) students will be encouraged:

  • To explore ideas & concepts behind the work, when working and specialising in drawing, painting, printmaking, ceramic, textile and digital photography.
  • To visit galleries and exhibitions, enabling students to learn from the work of others and making connection with their own work and past/contemporary practices.
  • To show progress through a variety of outcomes and supporting studies. The latest could be in the shape of sketchbooks, notebooks, worksheets, maquettes….