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Childcare Level 2

BTEC TECH Award Child Development (L1/L2) (Key Stage 4)

The Award gives learners the opportunity to develop applied knowledge and understanding of child development and growth up to the age of five, how children learn through play and how meeting the needs of individual children will support their development, play and learning.

In a practical learning environment, learners will have the opportunity to develop knowledge and technical skills in the following areas:

  • the characteristics of children’s development from birth up to five years
  • factors that affect growth and development
  • the importance of play
  • how play promotes children’s learning and development
  • reasons why children may need support
  • child-friendly environments to support play, learning and development in children from birth to five years old
  • supporting all children to learn and develop physically, intellectually, emotionally and socially, and adapting activities to support children’s play, learning and development.


Course structure:

The Pearson BTEC Level 1/Level 2 Tech Award in Child Development has:

  • Total Qualification Time: 160 hours
  • Guided Learning Hours: 120 hours.

The following units are taught over the two-year programme.

Component number Component title Guided Learning Hours Level Assessment
1 Children’s Growth and Development 36 1/2 Internal
2 Learning Through Play 36 1/2 Internal
3 Supporting Children to Play, Learn and Develop 36 1/2 External