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IInformation and Communication Technology ICT​​​​​​​

The aims of this qualification are to develop learner understanding and skills in: §using ICT §finding and selecting information §developing, presenting and communicating information. The course is designed to give learners the skills to operate confidently, effectively and independently in education, work and everyday life. There are 10 modules to be taught prior to taking the exam and the exam can be taken more than once.

Year 10

Learners have to select, interact with and use ICT systems safely and securely. They are expected to be able to plan solutions to complex tasks. They will need to demonstrate the ability to manage information storage to enable efficient retrieval as well as use appropriate search techniques to locate and select relevant information from a variety of sources.Learners must be able to enter, develop and refine information using appropriate software to meet requirements of a complex task.They must also be able to use appropriate software to complete a complex data-handling task.

Year 11

Learners will have the opportunity to take a further exam to improve from Level 1 to Level 2.Learners must respond to ICT problems and take appropriate action and understand the danger of computer viruses and how to minimise risk.Learners must be confident in managing files, folders and other media storage to enable efficient information retrieval. They need to be able to recognise and take account of copyright and other constraints on the use of information as well as evaluate fitness for purpose of information.Learners will apply a range of editing, formatting and layout techniques to meet needs, including text, tables, graphics, records, numerical data, charts, graphs or other digital content analyse and draw conclusions from a data set by searching, sorting and editing records organise electronic messages, attachments and contacts.