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What are college interventions?

College interventions are specific additional activities, usually in Maths, English and Science. College interventions can take many forms, for example: one to one seminars or small group sessions, and they all focus on the needs of the children.

College interventions are also likely to be quite specific in the length of time they take. Sometimes the appropriate intervention may take several weeks or even months.  The child receives the intervention they need, for as long as they need, to support them in their learning.

Why do we hold intervention programmes for students?

Intervention programmes are generally introduced for an individual or a group of children when it becomes evident that they will need more support to catch up with their peers. There are many reasons why intervention is needed, but we always take care to select the right programme for each learner. 

Intervention is always about getting our children back on track, regardless of how long or short a time they need for that support to be in place. 

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