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November 2022

The school has been on a remarkable journey and has transformed in the last 2 years under the current Principal. The report comments “Pupils enjoy coming to school. They take part in lessons enthusiastically. Older pupils said how much everything has improved since the Principal started.”

The inspectors were particularly impressed with the curriculum and stated “Leaders have designed an ambitious curriculum, which they are adapting to take account of the changing profile of the school. They have put in place a wider range of courses and qualifications to prepare pupils for their next steps”. Furthermore, the Ofsted inspection team felt that teaching “Teaching supports the intended curriculum well through teachers’ good subject knowledge. In lessons, many teachers are confident to stop if pupils have not grasped new learning and need further reinforcement”. This was particularly evident in Mr Rashid and Ms Giddings Maths lessons where Inspectors noted “This happens in mathematics, for example, where teachers skilfully break up learning into smaller chunks. They focus on the key vocabulary and knowledge that pupils need for the next stage in their learning.”

On student behaviour, the inspectors concluded “Pupils behave well in lessons and around school. They get on well together.” and “Pupils enjoy coming to school. They take part in lessons enthusiastically” As well the arrangements for safeguarding are “effective” and “Leaders identify any pupils at risk and monitor them closely.”

We are incredibly proud of our Ofsted judgement and staff work tirelessly to ensure the very best educational experience for our community of students.

The latest Waverley School Ofsted Report can be downloaded below or click here to view the website.