Our school

Our school

The Waverley Studio College is a special place to study. We are different from most other schools, and that makes us special, as we provide a different opportunity for students to study with us from Year 10. We are a small college, offering a bespoke learning experience that makes our students love their time with us.

Year 10

In the Autumn Term, our focus is to induct our new students to the 'Studio' way of doing things. We aim to focus on getting the 'basics', meeting our expectations, drilling good effort to learning, good behaviours and developing good manners to all. We will assess our learners through a series of assessments (provided by GL) to work out what learners know, can and can not do. We then will place learners into one of three sets (Oxford, Cambridge and Liverpool) and the pathways are then developed. Students then focus and follow a suitable curriculum to their needs. Learners normally complete a week's work experience in the Spring Term.

Year 11

By the Autumn Term, students will have been placed into four sets. This was introduced in Apr 2019, as a way to personalise the curriculum, according to smaller group class sizes in the sets 2, 3 and 4.  There is greater preparation for learners for studying the public examinations.