About Us

Principal's welcome

I am incredibly proud to be given the opportunity to lead this college into its next stage of development. Our specialisms in Business and Enterprise, Health and Childcare and Sport help prepare our students for a world of work.  

The core values of our College are Humanity, Equality, Aspiration and Respect and these values form the foundation of our identity. We believe that education represents a major stage in the life of each young person and so we aim to work together with parents, carers, trustees, agencies and the local community to support our young people; enabling them to develop and grow within this community and in building together a real sense of identity within Waverley Studio College.

Our mission is to work to unlock the talents of all our students, to continually challenge them to achieve their best, and to develop the skills for a lifelong love of learning in preparation for their future. It is only through challenge that students truly discover of what they are capable. We demand excellence of ourselves and our community so that we can best serve our students and have an ambitious future.  As Principal, I’m proud of the success our students achieve year on year and through our constant focus on a blend of academic and vocational study, we see our students develop into lifelong learners whilst enjoying their time with us. 

Waverley Studio College is built around the way our young people learn. Not everyone is able to do their best in a traditional classroom setting. By using innovative teaching methods and small class sizes, we ensure every student has a personalised programme of study that supports maximum learning gains, not just in school but for their lives beyond. Our curriculum is under-pinned by the CREATE framework which is unique to Studio Schools and has been developed by the Studio Schools Trust. Key employability and life skills underpin all of the activities at a Studio School through the unique CREATE skills framework. CREATE is comprised of a wide range of skills and stands for Communication, Relating to People, Enterprise, Applied Skills, Thinking Skills and Emotional Intelligence. Evidence consistently shows that employers are concerned about key skills gaps in the British economy. Every new survey of unfilled vacancies confirms that employers are looking for – and not finding – key employability skills amongst schools leavers. 

We are unwavering in our belief that every student deserves an inclusive learning experience that is tailored to meet their own individual needs and to help them progress to the next stage of their learning or working life.

Furthermore, we are committed at Waverley Studio College in ensuring the highest standards in all that we do, creating a culture of high aspiration amongst all members of our community and empowering students to become lifelong learners and develop key skill that will prepare them for the world of work.

I want all of our staff and students to feel valued, safe and secure at our College and ensure our students are supported throughout their learning journey at Waverley Studio College.

Matt Morton-Hire