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SIMs ParentApp


We use SIMs ParentApp to communicate with our parents/carers key updates for your child whilst they are at college. Using the app, you will be able to:

  • see your child's school timetable;
  • view any positive behaviour referrals made about your child;
  • view any negative behaviour referrals made for your child;
  • view your child's weekly attendance at school. 

Over the next few months, we will be launching some additional features, including sharing your child's assessment data. 

SIMs ParentApp is available for all students at the college (Year 10 to 13)

How do I sign-up for SIMs ParentApp?

  1. You must wait for a registration e-mail to come from SIMs directly. Please keep an eye out for an e-mail from noreply@sims.co.uk.
  2. Follow the instructions contained within that e-mail to register with SIMs ParentApp. We strongly encourage parents/carers to register for a SIMs ID rather than using any other third-party provider
  3. You may choose to download the app to your smartphone device (see below)


SIMs ParentApp will invite you to sign up using a third-party provider such as Microsoft, Google, Facebook, and/or Twitter. We strongly encourage parents/carers to sign up for a 'SIMsID' using your e-mail address.

This will allow the school to reset your password should you have difficulties in the future. 


How do I log into SIMs ParentApp?

You can either sign into SIMs ParentApp by visiting https://www.sims-parent.co.uk/ or clicking the button below:

Or you can download the app for your smartphone device. You can find the app via the Google Play Store or the Apple Store. Please note that neither Waverley Studio College or Waverley Education Foundation Ltd. accept responsibility for the functionality of this app.

The download of the app is not required to make use of the SIMs ParentApp and users make use of this software at their own risk. 

Technical issues & troubleshooting

We advise parents/carers to download the frequently asked questions guide available below. This will provide you with additional guidance and support.

Should you continue to have difficulties, please e-mail the school at enquiry@waverleystudiocollege.co.uk and we will try to assist. 

Please note that we are unable to provide technical assistance or support with any functionality on your device.