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Sport and Fitness

BTEC Sporti s a vocational course that teaches students the knowledge required to pursue a career in sport. Students will also develop the skills for a range of sport-related pathways from sports coaching to gym management. Students can choose to study Sport at university and many more possible routes.

Year 10

Component 1: Understand the Body and the Supporting Technology for Sport and Activity. The aim is to explore body systems, common sports injuries and technological advances in the sector. Students will investigate:•the impact of sport and activity on body systems •explore common injuries in sport and activity and methods of rehabilitation •understand how technological advances have impacted sport and activity.

Year 11

Component 2: The Principles of Training, Nutrition and Psychology for Sport and Activity. The aim. is to explore how training, nutrition and psychological factors contribute to engagement in sport and activity. Students will: • investigate how training can improve fitness for sport and activity • explore how a healthy diet, macro and micronutrients, and hydration are beneficial for sport and activity • understand how psychological factors such as motivation, self-confidence and anxiety can influence participation in sport and activity Component 3: Applying the Principles of Sport and Activity. The aim is to understand the attributes of a successful sports leader and plan and lead an engaging activity session.Students will:• understand the fundamentals of sport and activity leadership • plan activity sessions for target groups • understand how to plan for health, fitness and diet.