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School uniform plays a valuable role in contributing to the ethos of our school and sets an appropriate tone. It instils pride; supports positive behaviour; encourages students to identify with the school and ensures that students of all races and backgrounds feel welcome. School uniform protects students from social pressure to dress in a particular way; nurtures cohesion and promotes good relations between different groups of students. Above all it supports effective teaching and learning.

Waverley Studio College is an uniform School. We expect all parents to provide their children with the full and correct uniform at all times. We expect our students to wear our uniform smartly and correctly at all times including on the way to and from School.

There is a broad range of uniform available for all genders (ie, girls, boys, trans). All genders can wear trousers and skirts and all students must wear a blazer, shirt and tie.

Secondary: Year 10 – Year 11


  • Plain grey blazer turquoise piping
  • Plain white shirt
  • College teal V-neck jumper
  • Grey  (full or knee length) skirt or trousers
  • Plain black shoes
  • Black socks/tights
  • College tie 
  • College bag (available from college)
  • Turquoise Head scarf (optional) (available from college)

PE – Outdoor

  • College shirt.
  • Black/Navy tracksuit bottoms or black/Navy shorts.
  • Football boots and trainers.
  • Black football socks
  • Shin pads.

PE – Indoor

  • Polo shirt.
  • Black socks
  • Black/Navy tracksuit bottoms or black/Navy shorts
  • Trainers.   

Sixth Form: Year 12 – Year 13

Uniform - Smart office wear

  • Suits, Black trousers or skirt (full or knee length)
  • Fully Buttoned Shirts/Plain tops
  • Tie
  • Smart Shoes/Boots

Those not in the correct uniform will be dealt with in the following ways:

  • Student will be sent to isolation for the day OR
  • Student will be sent home to change into the correct uniform and return to school OR
  • Parents are asked to bring the correct uniform into school while the student waits in isolation.

Students should NOT wear:

  • Trainers, jeans, denim, skinny fit trousers, tracksuit bottoms or tops, split skirts, sweat shirts, cardigans, hoodies, zip up jumpers or caps/hats.
  • No Jewellery or make-up should be worn in year 10
  • Students may wear 1 small stud in each ear only (Year 11 students may wear 1 ring and students may wear discrete make-up). Nose studs should not be worn.
  • Students wearing inappropriate or unsafe jewellery will be asked to remove it and parents asked to collect it by appointment with their child's Learning Coach.
  • Mobile phones/MP3 players are not permitted in school and must be handed in on arrival at school. Parents will be asked to collect them by appointment with their Learning Coach..
  • Hoodies and caps/hats will not be allowed in school.
  • Students should have sensible haircuts – no tram lines or motifs are allowed.
  • Extreme Hairstyles: Brightly coloured hair dyes and totally shaved or decorated scalps are unacceptable for School, as are shaved eyebrows.